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Walking For Exercise Tips – Lose Weight the Healthy Way

Walk With The Dog

1. Walk With Someone Who Will Motivate You

The best walking for exercise tips begins with the choice to always walk with someone who will encourage and motivate you to push you just a little bit faster and a little bit farther than you otherwise might go on your own.

2. Walk at a Fast Pace or Power Walk

You really can burn a significant amount of calories by walking at a fast pace or power walking. The calories that you burn will vary significantly depending on how fast and how far and how long that you walk.

3. Wear a Fitness Tracker or Smart Watch

The only accurate way to determine how many calories that you burn is to wear a fitness tracker or smart watch such as my personal favorite, the Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch at all times of day and night. The information collected by your fitness tracker is unique to only you and is vitally important to the success rate of you losing weight and then of keeping it off.

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4. Stick To A Schedule

Always set aside a walking time and place ahead of time and then stick with it. Don’t let minor interruptions delay or postpone your walking workout. Of course some things are totally out of your control, including the weather, but plan ahead of time as much as possible and then stick to it.

5. Wear Comfortable Shoes

Wear comfortable walking shoes each and every time that you power walk. No one wants sore feet or worse yet, blisters. So be sure to have at least one quality pair of dedicated walking shoes.

6. Eat a Snack

Don’t head out for a power walk on an empty stomach or your workout will be hampered by hunger pangs. Instead, eat a small meal or snack before heading out to give your body the fuel it needs to achieve a powerful workout.

7. Drink Some Water

Drink a small amount of water before starting a power walk. Don’t drink so much that you risk getting cramps, but just enough water to stay hydrated. Experiment with this until you find the perfect balance, but generally, unless it’s an extremely hot day, than sixteen ounces of water should be plenty to stay hydrated for a fifteen to twenty minute power walk.

Power Walk With A Friend

8. Wear Moisture Wicking Clothing

Wear comfortable clothes that will repel any moisture or sweat during your power walk. My absolute favorite exercise clothing is Champion Women’s Power Cotton. It is extremely comfortable and will keep you dry with its moisture wicking fabric.

9. Pick A Fun Route

Choose a fun route for your power walk. The more absorbed you can become with your surroundings and forget about how many minutes you have walked and how many more minutes you have left in your power walk, the more productive you will be and the more calories that you will burn.

10. Make It Enjoyable

Probably the most important walking for exercise tip is to make it fun. Walk with someone you love or walk someplace you love to be. If you enjoy it, there is a much greater chance that you will continue to do it and this will lead to more consistent weight loss and flatter abs in an even shorter amount of time.

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