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The Fitbit Zip Wristband: Turn Your Fitbit Into A Wearable Wristwatch

WoCase For Fitbit Zip

Have you ever wished you could wear your Fitbit Zip activity tracker on your wrist like a watch? Well, guess what? Now you can!

Turn your Fitbit Zip activity tracker into a wearable wristwatch with WoCase ZipBand the Fitbit Zip wristband.


New Updated Version Now Available

The WoCase ZipBand is a flexible rubber-like case that turns your Fitbit Zip into a wearable device for your wrist. Now you can quickly and easily check your calories burned, distance traveled, or steps taken with just a glance at your wrist.  And with the digital clock feature of the Fitbit Zip, it easily replaces a standard wristwatch.

Now you can wear your Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker all day and all night to track all of your activity during the day and any movement that you may have while you sleep. All of your movements will be recorded and automatically entered into your Fitbit App. The calories that you burn will be calculated all day long.

Are you tossing and turning at night? Or are you getting a good quality night of sleep? Your Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker will calculate your calorie burn rate while you sleep. If you are sleeping soundly you will see a smooth and solid bar graph showing no activity. You will simply see an even amount of calories burned per hour with hour after hour of solid sleep. Tossing and turning will show tiny peeks on the bar graph and a fluctuation of calories burned each hour.

With so many colors of the WoCase ZipBand available, the hard decision will be what color to buy. Thankfully, if you wish, you can buy multipacks of various colors or just a single color of the WoCase ZipBand for Fitbit Zip.

So if you’re not quite ready to splurge on an expensive Apple watch or another fitness tracker, don’t hesitate to give the WoCase ZipBand a try.  You’ll be glad that you did.

The WoCase ZipBand Colors and Sets

The WoCase ZipBand for Fitbit Zip can be purchased individually or as a multipack set. It is available in the following colors:

WoCase ZipBand For Fitbit Zip

Final Thoughts

The WoCase ZipBand is a fantastic product. Get yours today and enjoy the ease of wearing your Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker on your wrist like a watch.

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