The Best Fitbit For Women

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Certainly all of the Fitbit activity and fitness trackers are great products that are worthy of consideration,  but one Fitbit stands alone in terms of both usefulness and having a more feminine look. Searching for the best Fitbit for women has led me to the purchase of the Fitbit Alta.

So Many Great Features

This particular Fitbit, the Fitbit Alta, includes many valuable features that are not found on other Fitbit varieties.

  • Auto Sleep Tracking
  • Reminders to Move
  • Call, Text & Calendar Alerts
  • All-Day Activity with SmartTrack Auto Exercise Recognition

Auto Sleep Tracking

The most surprisingly useful feature of the Fitbit Alta is Auto Sleep Tracking.

While at first the sleep tracking feature seemed like a cute but not very important feature, it has turned out to be much more valuable than I could ever have imagined.

It turns out that quantity of sleep, while extremely important, isn’t the only thing that matters. The quality of sleep one gets is also equally important and the Fitbit Alta does a remarkable job at tracking both the quantity and quality of your sleep.

Little did I realize that quite a few minutes of sleep each night were spent in restless tossing and turning. This can be a main factor in why even though I thought I was getting enough sleep, I didn’t always feel completely rested when I got up in the morning.

It turns out that quality of sleep is incredibly important for not only good health but also for weight loss and weight maintenance.

Sleep is a prime factor in controlling your metabolism. The higher your metabolism rate is, the more calories you will burn during the day, and even while at rest.

Therefore determining the quality of your sleep and learning ways to improve your sleep is important for continued weight loss. This is vitally important as you progress towards your weight goal and eventually to weight management once you have achieved your desired weight.

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Reminders to Move

Another feature available on the Fitbit Alta that is surprisingly useful is the vibration signal to get up and move to meet your previously set goals.

It is too easy to get involved with the computer or television and neglect the importance of getting up and moving about for a few minutes each hour.

The Fitbit Alta will give you a gentle pulse and a message asking you to “Take me for a walk!” near the end of each hour that you have not taken at least 250 steps in order to encourage you to get up and walk. This function is preset to occur for 9 consecutive hours during the day but can be adjusted in the Fitbit app to your desired settings.

When you achieve 5000 steps you will feel a vibration and see a quick fireworks display on your screen to celebrate your day’s achievement in the step category. This is not only a cute function, but also an excellent way to gently nudge you to be more active, even if only just a little bit.

Surprisingly, this small extra bit of exercise every hour can really add up to a large calorie burn rate. Suddenly you may find that you have burned an extra hundred calories or more with little to no extra effort.

This extra calorie burn rate every day will add up nicely over several days, weeks, and months to equal extra pounds lost and fat eliminated from our bodies. This is simply the easiest way to burn extra calories and lose more weight and fat.

Just how long does it take to walk those hourly 250 steps? Most people will walk at an average speed of two steps every second. This means that in just one minute, at this average speed, a person will walk 120 steps. So to reach the 250 step goal at the same two step per second rate would take only slightly more that two minutes of walking.

This is definitely doable for nearly everyone and will produce profound benefits over time in weight loss, fat loss, and healthier hearts and lungs. All of these things are so incredibly important and yet so easy now to achieve thanks to the Fitbit Alta.

When you consider that 250 steps every hour multiplied by nine hours each day can equal one hundred or more extra calories burned every twenty four hours, you can see how this can quickly add up to incredible fat burning results for calories burned and weight loss with very little effort.

Call, Text & Calendar Alerts

Surprisingly, the Fitbit Alta can also remind you of preset calendar events with a gentle pulse and a text message.

This can be quite important if you are not near your smart phone at the time that the calendar event reminder is displayed.

Little did I realize how much I would appreciate this seemingly simple additional feature as usually my iPhone is close by but not immediately next to my work space.

Also, because the Fitbit Alta produces a silent vibrating message reminder, there is no fear of interrupting a telephone conversation or important face to face meeting with the smart phone’s text message or calendar event signal.

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All-Day Activity with SmartTrack Auto Exercise Recognition

Like all the other Fitbit fitness trackers, the Fitbit Alta does an outstanding job of counting the steps that you take, the calories that you burn, and the miles that you have walked.

Within the Fitbit website you can enter additional activities and the calories that you have burned doing them. This is important if you have increased the incline on a treadmill or increased the resistance on an exercise bike as these functions are not automatically recognizable on any fitness tracker but can significantly increase your calorie burn rate in that activity.

Upgrading To The Fitbit Alta

Although I have previously used and enjoyed the Fitbit Zip, the additional features of the Fitbit Alta make it a much more usable fitness tracker for both health tracking and fitness tracking features. This upgrade is much more valuable than I could have ever thought as the additional features included in the Fitbit Alta more than make up for the additional cost.

One additional feature that is definitely worth mentioning is the fact that the Fitbit Alta consists of a much higher quality casing as compared to the Fitbit Zip. One of the biggest drawbacks of the Fitbit Zip was its poor durability in casing quality as it is constructed of thermoplastic. This is not a problem with the Fitbit Alta as the casing is a very high grade construction that is designed for long term durability.

Final Thoughts

The best Fitbit for women is found in the Fitbit Alta with its beautiful petite design, quality construction, and incredibly rich features. No other fitness tracker comes close when it comes to fitting the needs and wants of women for a fully functional, great looking fitness tracker than the Fitbit Alta.

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