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Severe Allergy Relief – The Answer Is Here

Severe Allergy Relief

You have just found the answer for severe allergy relief. Nothing else comes even close to the remarkable results you will have with these amazing all natural products.

I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t tried it myself and I have seen and felt the incredible results.

The Weird Formula That Just Works

This formula is so weird and I honestly can not tell you why it works. It just does. It works.

This is the Shaklee allergy blocker formula that you just have to try because believe me there is no other product available anywhere that works as well as this does.

Be sure to write this down or print this page for future reference because this is the only way to permanently relieve allergy symptoms.

Now Here is the Formula:

7 Shaklee Alfalfa Complex Tablets
3 Shaklee NutriFeron Caplets

Shaklee Alfalfa Complex Tablets & NutriFeron Capsules

And Here are the Directions:

Simply take this 10 tablet combination once a day for 14 straight days.

Don’t change anything. Don’t add or subtract any tablets to this formula. Don’t skip any days. Just follow this plan and even severe allergy symptoms will disappear.

Guess What is Going to Happen Next?

I can tell you that you are going to want to maintain this feeling of freedom from allergy symptoms. I sure do. That’s why if you are like me you are going to want to keep taking this 10 tablet miracle combination every day during the most severe pollen allergy season.

One More Thing . . .

There is an incredible added benefit to this 10 tablet combination that you might not realize. NutriFeron will increase your body’s defenses against colds and viruses. So you will enjoy the added benefit of better overall health.

Here’s a Short Personal Story:

I’ve had severe allergy problems all of my life. When I was in grade school my doctor suggested that I visit an allergy doctor and have a skin test to see what I was allergic to. It turned out I was allergic to almost everything: dust, cats, pollen, hay, ragweed, grass, and more. After that, I had to have weekly allergy shots at the allergy doctor’s office. Those allergy shots were supposed to build up my immunity to these allergens.

Long story short, those allergy shots certainly did not work long term.

Then I tried Claritin.

I hate taking medication, but after years of suffering from allergies, I finally gave in and started taking “non-drowsy” Claritin. But I’ve always felt nervous about taking over the counter drugs long term. Even though they say it’s safe to take daily, I still have doubts. Plus it is just a temporary fix. When the 24 hours is close to ending my goodness look out here comes the sneezing and itchy nose and the tiredness back with vengeance.

There just had to be something better . . .

Health Forecast

Ahhhhh The Wonderful Feeling Of Severe Allergy Relief

For the first time ever I can spend hours at a time outside every day. It does not matter what the allergy index is for that day. True allergy relief is here.

So until Shaklee realizes what a gold mine they have here and decides to combine these products into “allergy tablets” this is the only way you will find true relief from allergies. Ten tablets every day (7 Shaklee Alfalfa Complex Tablets and 3 Shaklee NutriFeron Caplets).

Now go out and enjoy your freedom from allergies.

Severe allergy relief? Shaklee!!!

If you don’t already have a Shaklee distributor available nearby you can easily order these products from Amazon. And remember everything you order from Amazon is guaranteed to your satisfaction or you can return your purchase for a full refund. You have nothing to lose but your allergies. Say goodbye and good riddance to allergies once and for all with Shaklee!

It Just Works!

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2 thoughts on “Severe Allergy Relief – The Answer Is Here

  1. It works great. The only problem I have with your post is suggesting Amazon. Shaklee company struggles so hard to keep its products off of Amazon as they are a network marketing company. There is no guarantee of product if purchased other than with a distributor. If you must Amazon, at least know that.

    1. You make a good point and if you know a Shaklee distributor then it is always best to buy through that person. If, however, you do not know a Shaklee distributor then Amazon provides an excellent way to purchase these products quickly and with free shipping.

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