How To Lose Weight With The Biggest Loser

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Get inspired and motivated in your journey to lose weight and to keep it off. Discover how to lose weight with The Biggest Loser.

Incredible Results

The contestants on this NBC television show learn in a boot camp style setting how to lose weight fast. In past seasons, many contestants have lost over one hundred pounds in just twelve weeks at The Biggest Loser Ranch.

Meet The Biggest Loser Trainers

Let’s take a close look at the trainers and the host of The Biggest Loser. Two trainers are on hand for this season’s temptation theme of The Biggest Loser. Dolvett is training the red team, while Jen trains the black team. This year’s host is actually a prior trainer on The Biggest Loser, Bob Harper.


Dolvett QuinceDolvett Quince is currently in his sixth season as a trainer on The Biggest Loser. In his birthplace of Stamford, Connecticut, Dolvett and his siblings grew up in foster care before being adopted by a Jamaican couple and moving to Florida. After high school, Dolvett moved to Atlanta where his deep passion for health and fitness began.
He has been a fitness trainer for more than ten years establishing himself as a master in his field of physical fitness.


Jen WiderstromJennifer Widerstrom is a personal trainer on the NBC show “The Biggest Loser”. She earned her degree in Sports Administration from the University of Kansas and is certified as a fitness instructor and personal trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Jennifer is committed to helping others live healthier lives through fitness.


Bob HarperBob Harper has been a trainer on The Biggest Loser NBC television show since 2004. This year marks a change in role for Bob as he is now the show’s host instead of a trainer. Bob was born and raised as a cattle farmer in Nashville, Tennessee. After college Bob became certified as a fitness instructor.

Learn From The Clues

There are a lot of clues revealed on this show that can be used in the privacy of your own home to lose weight and to keep it off.

Why Cycling Faster Means Quicker Results

Take a look at the exercise the contestants do to burn calories and to lose weight. The majority of exercise is done indoors on an exercise bike. Watch how the trainers encourage the contestants to cycle faster. This will naturally burn more calories in a shorter amount of time.

Dangerous Sugar & Fat

Look at what The Biggest Loser doctor has to say to the contestants. How eating excess sugar and fat is so dangerous to your long-term health. Watch as one contestant is only given five years to live if he doesn’t make radical changes in his life now.

See the dangers of hidden fat and sugar and calories in the food choices at fast food restaurants. Learn with the contestants how to eat smarter and lose weight.

Watch as delicious low fat and the low-calorie food is prepared for the contestants. Make note of the ingredients and cooking preparation so that you can do this at home too.

Fitness Trackers For Everyone

Take note that all of the contestants are wearing fitness trackers on their wrist. In this case, they are all wearing the Garmin GPS Vivoactive Smartwatch. It’s a fitness tracker and Smartwatch all in one.

Great Potential For Lasting Results

Keep in mind that the contestants on The Biggest Loser are working out under the watchful eye of professional trainers. Therefore results obtained at home will not be as fast but will have the same potential of lasting results.

Application For Home

Although the workout sessions done on The Biggest Loser are much more intense than what can be done at home, we can take all the elements of success that we have seen on this show and apply them to our lives at home. By implementing these successful elements to our daily lives, we will no doubt succeed in our quest to lose weight and to keep it off.

Some may argue that results like this can’t be done at home, but I beg to differ. Certainly, it may take a longer amount of time to achieve these results. That is very much understandable. But with persistent action, the results will come.

For The People You Love

For the sake of your loved ones, I urge you to begin your own weight loss challenge. With the proper tools, you will succeed. And this is one time where little successes leading up to the biggest success of all are just so incredibly great.

Rewards For Success

Reward yourself along the way whenever you achieve a new milestone. Choose how you will celebrate each five-pound weight loss. Make the rewards bigger and better for each time you lose another five pounds.

Try not to think of food as being a reward. Consider instead new clothes or even new fun places to visit. Take your kids or grandkids to the park or to the zoo or to the amusement park. The choices are endless and the quality family time is priceless.

Increased Energy Levels

As you lose weight, your energy level will increase. You will have more energy to do the things you want to do. Be sure to have fun along the way. This can be a long journey, so set aside some time every week for having fun.

Must Needed Rest

Whatever you do, don’t forget about rest. Make sure to set aside eight hours every night for sleep. Your body needs enough rest every night to maintain a high metabolism rate and thus a high-fat burn rate.

If you’re having difficulty finding The Biggest Loser television show where you live, be sure to visit their website at for the station and time in your area.

Did you miss out on any previous seasons of The Biggest Loser? Thankfully Amazon has these seasons available for purchase at a very affordable rate.

Great Motivation

Try exercising on your own indoor exercise bike while watching previous episodes of The Biggest Loser television show. The intensity of their workout will motivate you to reach higher levels of achievement. The results of their efforts are incredible and are sure to encourage you to continue to press on.

You Can Do It Too

You can do this. If they can do it then you can too!

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