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How To Lose Weight This Year

How To Lose Weight This Year

It’s time for a serious discussion regarding how to lose weight this year.

We all know that we want to lose weight. It’s not a matter of desire. It’s simply a question as to how to do it the right way so that we will not only lose weight but then also to keep it off.

A Better Way To Lose Weight

It’s not surprising that the Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and Nutrisystem weight loss programs of this world do so much business. Yet increasingly women are looking for something better and definitely less expensive.

There has to be a balance between healthy eating for weight loss and fun eating for pleasure.

Additionally, there must be a healthy balance between exercise and restful relaxation.

Something Is Just Not Right

Something we are doing now just isn’t working correctly. Otherwise, our weight would remain constant year after year.

Sure there will be slight fluctuations of weight season by season. Severe winter weather can entice us to remain indoors even to the point of ignoring gym memberships. Too often the exact opposite happens in the extreme heat of summer when staying indoors in the comfort of air conditioning is just too difficult to resist.

So now the question remains, how bad do you want to look good? If you are willing to put in the effort, you will see remarkable results.

Treat Your Body Right

Your body is like an extremely valuable machine. If it is treated right, it will function at its highest potential for many, many years. Conversely, if you treat your body poorly, what else can you expect but health problems, aches, pains, and possibly a shortened lifespan.

You are way too valuable to the loved ones around you to sacrifice your future for a little bit of added pleasure today.

The Key To Permanent Weight Loss

Keep in mind that permanent weight loss is really just a matter of burning more calories doing daily activities than the calories you eat.

The Importance of a Fitness Tracker

The number one recommendation is always to purchase a fitness tracker or smartwatch. You must know how many calories you burn each and every day. Without this knowledge, there is absolutely no way to permanently lose weight. The weight will always creep back if it is not kept in check.

Owning a fitness tracker is as close as you will probably ever get to having your own personal trainer. These marvelous little devices monitor every move you make and record the calories you burn. This is simply impossible to accurately track on your own without the aid of a fitness tracker.

Thankfully fitness trackers can be purchased at a very wide range of prices and with a wide array of features. Simply look for the style and features that are important to you. The most important thing to do is to find one that you will enjoy wearing all day, every day, both day and night.

Even if all you do is purchase and wear a fitness tracker to monitor and record your calories burned, you will be able to lose weight and you will be able to keep that weight off and prevent it from coming back.

Faster Weight Loss Results

If you want faster results, you will have to add some exercise to your daily routine. Thankfully the easiest exercise is actually one of the best exercises for losing weight. That exercise is cycling, especially cycling indoors on an exercise bike.

My personal favorite and the one that has helped me lose weight and keep it off is the Sole B94 Upright Bike. With its user capacity of up to 300 pounds and its sturdy steel frame, it is designed for years of fitness club quality use at any time of day or night in the privacy of your own home. With its front wheels and rear handle, it can be positioned anywhere in the home with ease.

Take a look at the incredible features of the Sole Fitness B94 Upright Bike and surely you will agree that it is by far the best fitness equipment that you will ever buy.

The magnetic resistance is whisper quiet and offers a range of levels from one to twenty. The comfortable gel seat is completely adjustable not only in height but also front to back in order to find the most comfortable position. The display console is large and easy to view with everything necessary for the best workout as you achieve your fitness weight loss goals. The heavy-duty steel tubing of the frame makes it an indestructible light commercial grade exercise bike. With its built-in 20-minute Fatburn program, weight loss will become an expected reality.

The Powerful Power Of Protein

Eating a snack or light meal of high-quality protein after a long workout will speed up results, burning off unwanted fat storage and gaining much-needed muscle for even faster results.

Be certain to purchase high-quality protein sources that are low in fat. Lean beef, chicken, turkey, and fish are all excellent sources of lean protein.

For convenience look for protein bars, such as the organic, non-GMO Squarebar Organic Protein Bar, which is available in many delicious flavors, including Chocolate Coated Peanut Butter, Chocolate Coated Crunch, Chocolate Coated Mint, Chocolate Coated Almond Spice, Chocolate Coated Coconut, and Chocolate Coated Cherry Coconut flavors. Each of these bars contains 12 grams of protein and only 210 calories.

Also consider combining organic, non-GMO soy or whey protein powder with water for a highly powerful protein drink without a lot of excess calories.

The Incredible Power Of Sleep

The last piece to the weight loss success program may indeed be the most important. That involves getting eight hours of sleep each and every night. This certainly is not an easy task with all of our hectic lifestyles, but it is crucial for keeping metabolism high and thus calorie burn rate high throughout the entire day.

Lack of sleep will slow down metabolism and lead to weight gain. Do whatever is necessary to make and keep a sleep pattern that includes eight hours of uninterrupted high-quality sleep.

Today Is The Day

Let today be the day that you begin to change your life for the better. Next week, next month, and next year you can look back and see the remarkable transformation that you have made in your life.

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