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Former NFL Player Duane Clemons Gets His Life Back

After years of taking pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs along with the adrenal stress of pushing his body to the limit, Duane Clemons knew he needed help to get his health back.

Thanks to Dr. Berg and his advice, Duane Clemons is now healthy.

Let’s hear what Duane Clemons had to say about implementing the program set forth by Dr. Berg.

Thank you, Dr. Berg, for helping Duane Clemons get his life back.

Working Smarter

Working smarter, not just harder produced amazing results. Duane Clemens lost 45 pounds in just 4 weeks getting down to his original playing weight.

Repair and Recovery

Duane had more energy and was sleeping better. He was able to repair the damage of his past lifestyle choices.

Living a Healthy Life

Now Duane is living a healthy lifestyle, eating the right foods and training the right way.

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